Expand Your LEGO Wizarding World Collection With a Free Gryffindor Dorms Set

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LEGO has dipped into the wizarding world of Harry Potter many times now. Every couple of months, the toy brand seems to come out with a new set that could be fun for all ages. Now you can venture even deeper into Hogwarts this holiday season with more LEGO sets inspired by the beloved series.

From now through Sunday, November 7, when you spend over $100 on LEGO Harry Potter products, you’ll receive a free 148-piece Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms set. It includes minifigures of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and their four-poster beds, as well as fun accessories to decorate the room like a trunk, letter, chocolate frog, candle, and more.


Looking for LEGO Harry Potter items to hit that $100 threshold? You might want to consider this 1625-piece Hogwarts Icons collectors' edition Hedwig set for $250. You can build the magnificent white snowy owl standing on top of a pile of books, with a Felix Felicis bottle and a Hogwarts acceptance letter nearby. If you’re looking for a set that's more affordable (and less labor-intensive) the 520-piece Hogsmeade Village Visit set could be a great choice. Available for $80, it features the Honeydukes candy shop and Three Broomsticks pub. Those who want to master wizard’s chess can try with this playable 390-piece LEGO set for $60. You can also build a soaring 597-piece Fawkes, a.k.a. Dumbledore’s phoenix, with posable wings and a moveable head for $40.

Make sure to check out all the LEGO Harry Potter products available online and take advantage of this offer before the promotion ends on Sunday, November 7. In addition, if you shop in-stores at LEGO, you can also get a free Hermione’s Study Desk set when you spend $40 or more on Harry Potter products during the same timeframe.

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