14 Great Low-Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Luddite

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It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, we know the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, but it’s also about the gifts. By now, you should be making your lists and checking them twice to ensure you’re getting the perfect item for everyone you care about. When it comes to finding something special for someone who doesn’t like the latest tech items though, it can be tricky.

Fortunately, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Below are 14 of the best low-tech gifts for the tech-averse person in your life.

1. Leatherman Multitool; $70

Leatherman Multitool
Leatherman Multitool / Leatherman / Amazon

Let’s start by honoring the handy Luddite in your life. If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys tinkering with this and that, then this multitool by Leatherman would make the perfect gift. It can transform into a wire cutter, package opener, screwdriver, a pair of pliers or spring-action scissors, and other tools to tackle almost any job. Then after the work is over, your giftee can use the bottle and can opener to pop open a cold one, as a reward. The stainless steel tool can also be easily folded up and slipped into its sleek storage case or a pocket for storage.

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2. Mkono Self-Watering Planters; From $13

Mkono Self-Watering Planters
Mkono Self-Watering Planters / Amazon

For the plant parent who’s also against technology, these self-watering planters will be life-changing. The planters allow greenery to take as much or as little water they need, which eliminates the need to water daily. This will be useful if your giftee has to go out of town or if they’re just super forgetful, as the planter offers up to 10 days of watering with each fill.

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3. Manual Massage Ball; $10

Zongs Manual Massage Ball
Zongs Manual Massage Ball / Amazon

If your giftee leads an active lifestyle but refuses to pick up one of the latest and greatest massage guns, then consider a manual massage ball. This rollerball is designed to work out muscle knots while improving blood circulation. The massage ball can roll a complete 360 degrees, which makes it easy to use all over the body and in any direction.

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4. Occer Binoculars; $29

Occer Binoculars
Occer Binoculars / Amazon

A pair of good binoculars will make an awesome gift for a Luddite who enjoys birdwatching or other activities that require zooming in. This pair by Occer offers 12x magnification, a 25-millimeter objective lens, and an ample field of view that will allow your giftee to look farther and see wider. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and can even be adjusted for those wearing eye- or sunglasses.

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5. Polaroid Now Camera; $116

Polaroid Now Camera
Polaroid Now Camera / Amazon

The Polaroid Now camera might scream high-tech, but for your more modern Luddite, it will bring back a taste of nostalgia while moving them closer to the present. This point-and-shoot analog instant camera has everything your giftee needs to capture life’s most precious moments. In addition to providing instant gratification, the images produced will be super crisp with vivid color. Speaking of colors, you’ll have nine gorgeous options to choose from when buying. There’s also an easy-to-use self-timer so everyone can quickly squeeze in to create the merriest holiday shot.

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6. Skylight Digital Photo Frame; $150

Skylight Digital Photo Frame
Skylight Digital Photo Frame / Amazon

If the person you’re shopping for has a ton of photos, consider encouraging them to lean into technology a bit more with this Skylight digital frame. The frame itself looks like a non-smart frame but cycles through thousands of images. This way, your giftee never has to choose just one image to display. Setting up the frame is effortless and takes under a minute. Once setup is done, photos can be added by sending them directly to the device via email. The best part? The frame works with or without Wi-Fi, just in case a good internet connection isn’t a top priority for your Luddite. If this is still too techie for your giftee, then picking up a gorgeous retro photo album will definitely do the job.

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7. Blue-Light Blocker Glasses; $19

Blue-Light Blocker Glasses
Blue-Light Blocker Glasses / Amazon

There are many people who use technology at work but try to avoid it at home. If you’re shopping for someone like this, a pair of blue-light blockers could be a thoughtful option. Blocking the blue light that is emitted by screens may help to prevent insomnia and reduce eye strain. Your giftee will likely thank you for picking up such a meaningful gift.

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8. Mueller French Press; $30

Mueller French Press
Mueller French Press / Amazon

If your favorite Luddite is a coffee lover, consider grabbing a French press. This one by Mueller is made from stainless steel, which not only looks beautiful but will keep beverages hot for hours. According to Amazon reviewers, this model is nothing short of amazing, as it allows users to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed milk, almond milk, fruit infusions, and plant and herbal drinks. Better still, it seals in their flavors and aromas, for a cup full of goodness with every sip.

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9. CloudValley Webcam Cover, Pack of 2; $7

CloudValley Webcam Cover, Pack of 2
CloudValley Webcam Cover, Pack of 2 / Amazon

For people who don’t fully trust or like technology but are forced to use it, this webcam cover could make a terrific stocking stuffer. This cover is super sleek, subtle, and fits most laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This way, no one can access your giftee’s webcam without them knowing.

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10. BravoKids Writing Tablet; $16

BravoKids Writing Tablet
BravoKids Writing Tablet / Amazon

For parents who are tech-averse and try to keep their children away from regular tablets (even though kiddos love them), this writing pad is a clever compromise. There is no radiation or harsh glare from this beautiful 10-inch LCD screen. Kids will be able to express themselves through writing and drawing with absolutely no mess. The screen is also pressure-sensitive, so little ones can control the thickness of the lines in the masterpieces they’re creating.

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11. Victrola Suitcase Record Player; From $60

Victrola turntable in blue case.
Victrola Suitcase Record Player / Amazon

Music technology has evolved significantly over the past century, but vinyl is still going strong. The luddite in your life will appreciate this Victrola turntable, which comes in a stylish, portable case in your choice of color. And if the person using it isn’t fully unplugged, they can stream their digital library to the built-in speakers via bluetooth.

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12. Original Tamagotchi; $18

Original Tamagotchi
Original Tamagotchi / Tamagotchi / Amazon

If you know someone whose technology usage hasn’t progressed past 1999, this is the gift for them. The original virtual pet is like a smartphone game without the smartphone (and all the distractions that come with it). This retro Tamagotchi comes in a cute, portable package in a variety of colorful designs, too.

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13. Hamburger Telephone; $14

Woman smiling, talking on hamburger phone.
Hamburger Telephone / Amazon

Fans of Juno (2007) will recognize this retro hamburger phone. Even if your low-tech loved one can’t convince anyone to call them on their landline, the novelty device still makes a fun piece of home decor.

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14. Floral Stationary Set; $9

Floral stationary set.
Floral Stationary Set / Amazon

Mailing a letter isn’t as easy as sending a text, but it can be more fun with the right equipment. This adorable stationary set comes with 16 envelopes and 32 sheets of writing paper. The items are embellished with colorful floral designs, and each buyer receives a different assortment of patterns.

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This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated in 2022.