Want Your Home to Smell Like a Bowl of Lucky Charms? General Mills Just Released a Line of Cereal-Inspired Candles

All part of a balanced breakfast.
All part of a balanced breakfast. / General Mills
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Cereal was part of many people's childhoods, whether they paired it with cartoons on Saturday mornings or scarfed it down before racing to catch the school bus. If a whiff of Lucky Charms is enough to transport you to a simpler (read: happier) time, you can now access the aroma on demand. As Food & Wine reports, Target is now selling a line of cereal-scented candles from General Mills.

Each product in the new collection is inspired by one of the food brand's signature offerings, and prices start at $5. Cereal fans who grew up eating Cocoa Puffs can make their home smell like the chocolatey treat. Lighting the Trix candle produces a fruitier scent, while the Cinnamon Toast Crunch candle releases a warm, spicy fragrance. Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios are also represented in the line.

The candles are available in multiple sizes, from 4-ounce creamer jars to 13.5-ounce candles with three wicks. If you always had trouble picking just one box from the cereal aisle, you can opt for a variety pack of three miniature candles featuring the brands' cartoon mascots for $15.

The biggest candles in this collection retail for $10 and are more expensive than a box of cereal—but they should hopefully last longer than the last one you brought home. You can buy the candles from Target today, either online or in stores nationwide. And if the breakfast-inspired scents aren't esoteric enough for your taste, candles that smell like the Titanic, divorce papers, and "Netflix and chill" are also a thing.

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