This New ‘Monopoly Knockout’ Game Lets You Get Physical

Work up a sweat with ’Monopoly Knockout,’ a full-contact edition of the classic game.
Knock other players off the board in 'Monopoly Knockout.'
Knock other players off the board in 'Monopoly Knockout.' / Walmart
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Few board games have been reinvented with the frequency of Monopoly, where players can assume the role of a real estate mogul. Editions based on The Super Mario Bros. Movie, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and even public television painter Bob Ross have all brought a fresh perspective to the game.

The newest iteration is Monopoly Knockout ($20), and it’s significantly different than traditional Monopoly. Instead of a square board, players hover around a 3-foot-long area and slide their game pieces to try and land on properties, shuffleboard-style. But hazards await, as the tokens can wind up in places costing them money. Players can also knock each other’s pieces out of position. The player with the most money at the end wins.

And yes, you can still wind up sliding directly into jail.

'Monopoly Knockout' is pictured
'Monopoly Knockout.' / Walmart

Monopoly was originally conceived as The Landlord’s Game by Elizabeth Magie in 1904 as a thinly-veiled commentary on land-grabbing. Later, Charles Darrow sold a reworked version to Parker Brothers, which Magie felt borrowed too liberally from her original idea. Parker Brothers made a deal with Magie in which she was paid $500 for rights to her game and others. Magie didn’t begin to receive proper credit for the game until the 1970s.

You can purchase Monopoly Knockout exclusively at for $20.