16 Quirky Kitchen Products to Make Eating at Home a Little More Exciting

Kitchen gadgets can be fun to use—these quirky ones prove it.
Kitchen gadgets can be fun to use—these quirky ones prove it. / Genuine Fred/Splatypus/Amazon/PeterSnow/iStock/Getty Images
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Whether it's because you’re trying to avoid take-out to save money or you just love mastering new recipes, home-cooked meals can be a great alternative to eating out at restaurants. That said, whipping up dishes all the time can also start to feel a little repetitive and unexciting. But with some useful (and quirky) gadgets and accessories in your kitchen, you'll be able to spice things up again.

1. Whale Strainer; $15

Genuine Fred Whale Strainer with water poured out from it.
Genuine Fred Whale Strainer / Genuine Fred/Amazon

If you cook pasta regularly, you’ll know how important strainers are. This one not only does the job, but it’s also adorably shaped like a blue whale. It even mimics the whale’s ventral pleats on its underside, which run from its mouth to its stomach. All you have to do is place the whale strainer over the edge of your pot and watch as the water pours out of the whale. 

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2. Splatypus Jar Spatula; $17

Splatypus Jar Spatula against white background.
Splatypus Jar Spatula / Splatypus/Amazon

Whether it’s peanut butter, mayo, or jam, losing out on those last few bits from a jar because your spoon isn’t shaped correctly is one of life's minor (and recurring) annoyances. Avoid this problem by using the Splatypus, a special type of spatula that's designed to scoop and scrape from those hard-to-reach spots. Named after the platypus with its long bill, the tool is more than 8 inches long and made from flexible, food-grade materials that will conveniently bend to any jar shape. 

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3. Silicone Cat-Shaped Egg Mold; $10

Genuine Fred FUNNY SIDE UP Silicone Egg Mold with eggs in it on a frying pan.
Genuine Fred FUNNY SIDE UP Silicone Egg Mold / Genuine Fred/Amazon

Make your mornings a little more silly with this cat-shaped egg mold. This funny feline face design is perfect if you like to eat your eggs sunny side up: All you have to do is place the silicone form on your pan and crack in two eggs, so the yolks act as the cat’s eyes. You won’t have to worry about it melting or tarnishing either, as it can withstand temperatures up to 450°F.

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4. Tovolo Zombies Ice Pop Molds; $15

Tovolo Zombie Ice Pop Molds against white background.
Tovolo Zombie Ice Pop Molds / Tovolo/Amazon

When it comes to hot summer days outside, nothing hits the spot quite like an icy cold popsicle. And if it's in the shape of a zombie, even better. The set comes with four different shaped undead beings, all ready for whatever flavors you decide to use. The handles are shaped like legs and once you’ve eaten your cold treat, it’ll reveal the zombie’s skeleton. 

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5. Flex Pot Lobster Claw Clip; $10

Flex Pot Lobster Claw Clip over a pot clutching a spoon.
Trudeau Lobster Claw Clip / Trudeau/Amazon

Whether you're making spaghetti sauce, soup, or anything remotely messy, your spoon needs a place to rest so it won’t create more for you to clean up. This lobster claw-like clip makes the job much easier: Just snap the red crustacean’s claws to the pot’s rim and rest the spoon between them while the remains of your dish drip back from where they came. You can even use it as a bag clip when you're not cooking. 

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6. Angry Mom Microwave and Fridge Cleaner, Set of 2; $12

Keledz Angry Mom Microwave and Fridge Cleaners, Set of 2 against white background.
Keledz Angry Mom Microwave and Fridge Cleaners, Set of 2 / Keledz/Amazon

Let’s face it: After a while, our refrigerators get stinky and our microwaves get messy, too. Sure, you can place a box of baking soda in the fridge to eliminate odors and use a sponge to wipe away the splatter in the microwave, but what if you had a unique way to tackle both issues? Enter Angry Moms. This set of two comes with a Hot Mama, which uses steam to soften all the microwave’s grime so you can wipe it away, and a Chilly Mama that holds baking powder inside it to keep the icky scents at bay in the refrigerator.

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7. Silicone Skull-Shaped Ice Cube Tray Molds, Set of 2; $11

CHIYAN Ice Cube Molds against white background.
CHIYAN Ice Cube Molds / CHIYAN/Amazon

It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to enjoy these skull-shaped ice cube trays, which are sure to add a surprise element to any drink. Because the molds come as a two-pack and are made from food-grade silicone, you can even make other things like chocolates, candies, and soaps with each tray.

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8. Smart Pot Stirrer; $75

Smart Pot Stirrer against white background.
Smart Pot Stirrer / StirMate/Amazon

Most recipes let you get away with stirring every few minutes or so, but more difficult dishes require you to constantly be at a pot with a spoon in your hand. This isn’t just mind-numbingly boring, it’s also a time suck when you want to continue working on the rest of your meal. Fortunately, you can now turn on this Smart Pan Stirrer and go about your business until you’re ready to step back in. The device works for more than 12 hours off a single charge, and is compatible with pots and pans anywhere from 6 to 12 inches across.

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9. Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer with BlenderBall Wire; $15

Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer with BlenderBall Wire against white background.
Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer with BlenderBall Wire / Whiskware/Amazon

There’s nothing quite like homemade pancakes, but for many people, the effort is just too much, especially before they’ve had their morning coffee. But pancakes have never been easier to make, thanks to this great Whiskware pancake batter mixer. Just add the ingredients to the container, give it a good shake, and the BlenderBall will whisk the batter together. Then all you need to do is squeeze the tube over your hot pan to shape your delicious breakfast treats. It's just like that protein shaker you have in your cabinet, but this is something you'll actually want to use.

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10. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Tiki Mug With Frog; $33

"The Mandalorian" Baby Yoda Mug With Frog on a cement surface.
Baby Yoda Tiki Mug With Frog / Geeki Tikis/Toynk

In 2020, news broke that Baby Yoda's real name in The Mandalorian is actually Grogu. Whatever you want to call this little green Force wielder, there's no doubt you likely can't get enough merchandise with that priceless little face splashed across it. Now, you can turn Baby Yoda into a festive tiki mug from which to enjoy some cocktails (or mocktails) after a long week of work.

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11. Meat Shredding Claws; $15 with on-page coupon

Meat Shredding Claws shredding up meat.
Meat Shredding Claws / Cave Tools/Amazon

Yes, you can always pull your pork apart with forks, but does that leave you with the exhilarating feeling of being Wolverine—getting to shred apart an uncooperative bad guy, bub? With these meat shredders, you just have to grab hold and get to work on some slow-cooked pork, brisket, or chicken.

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12. Watermelon Tap Dispenser Kit; $15

Watermelon Tap Dispenser Kit next to watermelon and pumpkins.
Watermelon Tap Dispenser Kit / Vellax/Amazon

Tired of enjoying your iced tea or fruit punch from a glass or plastic jug like every other sucker? You’re in luck, because this keg-tapper can turn anything from a pineapple to a watermelon to a pumpkin into its very own beverage dispenser.

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13. Nessie Ladle Spoon; $15 with on-page coupon

Nessie Ladle Spoon in front of soup pot with ladle sticking out.
Nessie Ladle Spoon / Ototo/My Modern Met Store

The Loch Ness Monster may be just a myth (or is it?!), but this Nessie ladle is entirely real and sure to add an aura of mystery to your next soup.

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14. Pasta Monsters and Salad Servers; $17

Pasta Monsters and Salad Servers in a bowl of spaghetti.
Pasta Monsters and Salad Servers / Ototo/My Modern Met Store

If you like the idea of the Nessie ladle, then consider making your next bowl of spaghetti truly out-of-this-world with these fun alien pasta spoons. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster whenever you have Italian food.

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15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Cheese Grater; $25

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Shredder Cheese Grater in front of shredded cheese.
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Shredder Cheese Grater / Toynk

There's really no better supervillain to turn into a cheese grater, is there? With a cartoon-accurate Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the top, this stainless-steel grater features four unique sides, so you'll have an option of sizes and thickness for whatever cheese you want to use. It's perfect for pizzas, quesadillas, burritos, and more, but it can also be used to slice fruits and vegetables.

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16. Monkey Vegetable Peeler; $9

Monkey Vegetable Peeler on a tabletop.
Monkey Vegetable Peeler / Boston Warehouse/Amazon

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you to stop monkeying around in the kitchen? Well, you’re an adult now and the rules are totally different. So celebrate your ability to cook the way you want to with this charming monkey vegetable peeler.

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This story was originally published in 2021. It has been updated for 2022.