Look, Up in the Thigh: Underoos Are Available in Adult Sizes

Wonder Woman Underoos: Lasso of Truth not included.
Wonder Woman Underoos: Lasso of Truth not included. / Underoos
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Few gifts disappoint children more than receiving underwear for birthdays or holidays. That changed in the late 1970s, when marketing expert Larry Weiss created Underoos, a popular line of briefs and undershirts that featured the costume designs of characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and others. Though Underoos remained popular for decades, the growth of the licensing industry made them less of a novelty over time, and kids no longer clamored for them in droves.

Adults who want a dose of nostalgia, however, are in luck. Underoos are available in adult sizes.

Fruit of the Loom, the owners of the Underoos brand, has licensed it to Bioworld Merchandising, which now markets adult-sized Underoos on their website and through Amazon and Walmart. The collections cover the spectrum of pop culture, from He-Man ($30) and Star Wars ($25-$29) to many of the classic superheroes like Batman ($12) and Captain America ($10-$30) who made Underoos a household name in the '70s. You'll also find designs based on properties that weren't around during the original Underoos craze, like Harry Potter ($12) and Despicable Me ($12). You can even buy child-sized Underoos in their original retro packaging.

You can find more choices on the Underoos web store or through Amazon and Walmart.

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