These 11 Special Editions of Monopoly Are Perfect for Your Next Family Game Night

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When it comes to game nights, Monopoly is a staple. Conceptualized in 1902 by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie and later sold to Parker Brothers in 1935, this classic board game has been a source of joy—and, who are we kidding, strife—at parties and family gatherings for decades, which is part of its enduring appeal.

While the original version is always worth keeping around, Parker Brothers has released countless special editions of Monopoly over the years that are just as much fun to play. These boards draw from popular film or TV franchises (like Star Wars and Game of Thrones), national landmarks, and even moments in pop culture to put a new twist on the game.

In most cases, the same rules apply: You're still trying to dominate the board and leave your opponents teetering on the brink of utter financial ruin. However, some alternate versions—see: Monopoly: Cheaters Edition—are designed to flip the script in ways that are utterly satisfying. Here are 11 special editions of Monopoly worth adding to your collection, if you haven’t already.

1. Monopoly: Longest Game Ever; $21

If you’re the type who thinks a game of Monopoly is too short, you can extend the length of a single playthrough exponentially with this variation. In this game, no one can win until someone owns every single property on the board—and this time, there are 66 of them to trudge through. Oh, and there’s only one die, so you’ll travel around this super-sized board at a snail’s pace.

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2. Monopoly Deal Card Game; $8


Conversely, for anyone who dreads the prospect of an hours-long round of Monopoly, you can blow through a game in a half-hour or so with this card-based version. It’s suitable for up to six players and bears a close resemblance to the standard edition, despite not having a board or pewter top hat to move from space to space.

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3. Monopoly: National Parks Edition; $49

America’s national parks are a shared experience and an invaluable part of the country’s cultural heritage. But if you’ve ever wanted to gobble up this prized land and hold dominion over the entire parks system, this version of Monopoly actually encourages it. Here, you go around the board just like in the classic game, only now you can buy up parks like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Sequoia.

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4. Monopoly: Star Wars Classic Trilogy Edition; $45

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This limited-edition Star Wars Monopoly set is from a galaxy far, far away (a.k.a., the late 1990s), and was released before the prequels and Disney’s most recent sequel trilogy hit theaters. As such, all the references on the board tie back to the original trilogy, which makes it a great nostalgia trip for O.G. fans. You can set up houses (instead of traditional blocks, you can choose either an X-wing or TIE fighter) on Endor or other classic settings, choose from nine pewter figures modeled after your favorite characters, and let your Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire fandom fly with this throwback pick.

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5. Monopoly: Game of Thrones; $31

In the game of thrones, you either win or you die. While the repercussions aren’t quite so severe in the Monopoly set inspired by this award-winning HBO series, fans of the show might still get a kick out of the game’s winner-takes-all vibe. You can choose from six game pieces, each one modeled after the sigils of Westerosi great houses. This version also comes with a miniature Iron Throne, which is designed to hold cards, and plays the show’s theme song with the push of a button.

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6. Monopoly for Millennials; $30

This version of Monopoly caused a stir when it was released back in 2018, but it throws a curveball in terms of how the game is played. Rather than play for real estate as you ordinarily do in Monopoly, you play for experiences (because millennials “can’t afford [real estate] anyway,” according to the box). The experiences run the gamut, from going on a week-long meditation retreat to dining at a vegan bistro. Is Hasbro trolling Gen Y and playing to stereotypes with this game? Eh, probably. Is it still worth a try? Sure, if only to say you’ve had “the experience.”

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7. Monopoly: Rick and Morty; $43

You can set up shop on your own corner of Gazorpazorp or other multiverse locations with this Monopoly set based on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Instead of standard bucks, the game uses Flurbo currency, and the custom board comes with six playable tokens, including Rick’s ship, Plumbus, a portal gun, and others. In place of standard houses and hotels, you can dominate the game using Flooble cranks and Gooble boxes, which adds to the fun.

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8. Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition; $18


Frequently, Monopoly can incite anger even in the most levelheaded of us when people break the rules, steal from the bank, or skip out of jail. Now this nefarious activity is rewarded in the Cheaters Edition of the classic board game if you don’t get caught. The box even includes a pair of plastic handcuffs for those who cheat unsuccessfully.

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9. Monopoly: Stranger Things; $85

Even though the kids of Stranger Things are known for playing Dungeons and Dragons, we bet they aren’t opposed to a round of Monopoly. This collector’s edition game based on the hit Netflix show features favorite places and characters from Hawkins and the Upside Down. Build forts and hideouts instead of homes and hotels and play as tokens like Eggo waffles and slingshots.

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10. Monopoly: Friends; $26

If there were a game that Monica would like besides Scrabble, it would probably be the rules-bound Monopoly. In this version, you can play as one of six tokens inspired by the main characters in Friends, like a dinosaur for Ross and an acoustic guitar for Phoebe. Make your way around the board setting up coffee mugs and sofas instead of houses and hotels, starting with "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate” square through the show’s 10 seasons.

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11. Monopoly: The Goonies; $36

The childhood adventure movie, The Goonies, gets the Monopoly treatment. Play as one of six tokens inspired by the classic ‘80s film like Wicked Willy’s eye patch, a little girl’s bike, or a skull and crossbones. Make your way around Astoria, Oregon, pulling Never Say Die and Hey, You Guys cards while building booby traps and treasure chests.

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