This Door-Shaped 'Titanic' Pool Float Definitely Has Room for Two

Never let go.
Never let go. / (Float) SCS Direct/Amazon; (Background) filo/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images
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The true villain of 1997’s Titanic is up for interpretation. You can go with the traditional choice—Rose’s malicious fiancé Cal Hockley—or the character-vs.-nature option of the iceberg itself.

But you could also make the argument—and plenty have—that Rose is the real bad guy for letting the ostensible love of her life, Jack, die a frigid death rather than simply making room for him on a floating door that certainly seemed sizable enough to fit two people. Maybe you don’t blame anyone but director James Cameron for killing off a beloved character.

Whatever your preference, the debate about whether Jack could have fit on the door has lodged itself like a splinter into the pop culture discourse. Now it’s possible to reenact the infamous scene with all your Titanic-obsessed friends in a body of water near you: SCS Direct sells a pool float designed to resemble the debris. It’s 4 feet by 7 feet, so possibly a little larger than what Rose and Jack were working with. It also has the advantage of being built for buoyancy, manufactured from “heavy-duty durable PVC plastic.”

titanic-themed door pool float
The debate will go on. / SCS Direct/Amazon

Cameron has said that buoyancy, not size, was always the bigger issue when it came to Jack’s survival odds on the debris. The stars of MythBusters once did a pretty good job of illustrating how the lovers might have bolstered the door’s floating power with their life vests. But Cameron (who participated in the show) later claimed that the time and effort it would have taken to fasten the vests beneath the door would have killed Jack anyway, due to hypothermia.

While the Titanic-themed pool float is expansive and sturdy enough to carry two without any jerry-rigging, it’s definitely best to keep it (and you) out of any hypothermia-inducing waters—and far from icebergs. You can order it on Amazon for $30.