Quick, if you could pick any game show host to have on your side during a fight, who would it be? Bob Barker? C’mon. Everyone picks Bob Barker. Just because he wielded a mean set of fists in Happy Gilmore doesn’t mean he would in real life. No, I think you’d better go with Alex Trebek. Dude is tough. If you haven’t heard the latest Trebek-related news, check out #1 on the list, and then read on for nine other things that make him kind of amazing.

1. When he recently woke up his San Francisco hotel room to find a robber rifling through his possessions, Alex Trebek chased the robber down and cornered her in the ice machine alcove. He ended up getting everything back except some cash and a bracelet that was a gift from his mother.

2. Under the category "Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know About Alex Trebek": he sleeps nude. When he gave an interview to The Today Show this morning, Trebek mentioned that he put underwear on before tearing out the door after the burglar.

3. I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the commando sleeping, because he was once fully prepared to do part of Jeopardy! pantless. During the Ken Jennings era, Ken and his two fellow contestants, both male, decided it would help their nerves if they all stood in their skivvies behind their podiums. Alex agreed to join in, not realizing it was all a prank.

4. He was one of the original Men in Black on the X-Files. So was Jesse Ventura.

5. He carried the Olympic Torch for a leg through Jacksonville, Florida, for the Atlanta Games in 1996.

6. Unlike the Will Ferrell version of him, the real Alex Trebek has a pretty good sense of humor.

7. When asked if he watched Bob Barker’s final show on The Price is Right his response was, “I was doing some electrical work in an attic today.”

8. Time's Techland interviewed Trebek last year and said, "I always imagine an obscure question coming up at a dinner party and everybody says, 'Oh, well, let's ask Alex. He knows everything because of Jeopardy.'"

Alex's response? "Yeah, well, that doesn't happen at dinner parties. I'm too busy drinking [laughs]."

9. As a Christmas gift for the cast and crew of Jeopardy! one year, he took everyone indoor skydiving. He also once hired a dance instructor to teach them all to moonwalk (he himself opted out after an attempt or two).

10. And then there’s this video. Is he actually drinking? Hard to say. But there’s no doubt that he’s cursing like a sailor (there’s your forewarning).