17 Vowel-Free Words Acceptable in 'Words With Friends'


Don’t be down about your next panel of consonants. Instead, take the challenge as an opportunity to show off your newly acquired vowel-free vocabulary.

Three-Letter Words

BRR – The way you tell people that it’s super chilly and the way you tell your WWF opponents that you don’t care what they think of you.

CWM – Oh, boy - pronounced “koom,” it’s another name for a “cirque,” which is a bowl-shaped mountain basin often containing a lake.

HMM – Accepted (in addition to “hm”) as a sound of contemplation. When you’re thinking just a wee bit harder, it’s “hmm” instead of “hm.”

NTH – Having the quality of being the last in a series of infinitely increasing or decreasing values. (As in, “the nth degree.”)

PHT – An interjection used to signify mild annoyance or disagreement.

SHH – Also accepted (in addition to “sh”) as a means of urging someone to be quiet.

TSK – An interjection often used in quick repetition (see “tsks,” “tsktsk” and “tsktsks” below) to express contempt or disdain.

Four-Letter Words

BRRR – I really don’t know. I guess it’s just THAT cold.

PFFT – An interjection used to express that something is dying or fizzling out.

PSST – An interjection used to attract someone’s attention.

CWMS – The plural form of the bogus word I showed you earlier.

TSKS – Plural of “tsk.”

Five-Letter Words

CRWTH – Pronounced “krooth,” it’s an ancient Celtic musical instrument. Also called a "crowd."

PHPHT – This one presents a troubling case. Its playability appears to be legitimate, but its definition remains elusive. As far as I can tell, it's either, like “pht,” an interjection expressing mild anger or annoyance, or a shortened version of phenolphthalein (pronounced fee-nawl-thal-een), which, as we all know, is a colorless crystalline compound used in medicine as a laxative and chemistry as an indicator.

Six-Letter Words

CRWTHS – More than one crwth.

TSKTSK – See “tsk” above. Oh, for shame.

Seven-Letter Words

TSKTSKS – See “tsk” and its many variations above. Tsktsks is the longest word in the English language with no vowels but its play in WWF is only possible should you elect to use a blank tile as the second ‘K,’ since there is only one ‘K’ tile per game.