In 1992, Nickelodeon got together with the Kids World Council (also known as "minors who were allowed to call in and vote") to decide what was most important to kids at the time. Then they assembled those items, put them in a big orange time capsule, and buried it in front of Nickelodeon Studios in Universal Studios. Here's a list of everything inside:

1. Movies

Home Alone and Back to the Future on VHS.

2. CDs

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em by MC Hammer and Michael Jackson's Dangerous album.

3. A Nintendo Game Boy

Image credit: William Warby/Wikimedia Commons

4. Rollerblades

5. Reebok Pump sneakers

6. A jar of Gak

At the request of a remarkably sub-par Dr. Emmett Brown impersonator, who showed up in a real DeLorean and fake hair.

7. One of Joey Lawrence's "Whoa! 92" hats, which he stopped by to present

8. News reports

Girl standing atop Soviet tank in Red Square during the Communist hard liners’ coup attempt in August 1991. © David Turnley/CORBIS

Coverage of the AIDS crisis, Desert Storm, and the end of the Soviet Union.

9. Books

A world atlas, history book, comic book, phone book, the Orlando TV Guide for the week of April 30, 1992, and a copy of the Book of Endangered Species

10. An issue of Nickelodeon magazine

11. A Nicktoons t-shirt featuring Ren & Stimpy

12. A piece of the Berlin Wall

13. A Barbie doll (not this one)

14. Pencils

15. A skateboard

16. A baseball

17. Twinkies

Image credit: Flickr user WaffleWhiffer

18. A stick of bubble gum (though no one seems to know which kind)

19. Photos of things too big (or alive) to fit inside

Including bicycles, planes, trains, cars, politicians and celebrities.

20. A videotape

Which was a recording of the live ceremony, shot by a girl named Vicky who stood onstage to operate the Kid Cam.

21. The camera recording the tape

This appears to have been unplanned. Mike O'Malley and Joey Lawrence both looked baffled about how to remove the tape from the camera, so the whole setup was tossed in at the last minute.

Image credit: UmmYeahOk/

After Nickelodeon Studios closed in 2005, the time capsule was moved to Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando. It will be removed and opened April 30, 2042 -- 50 years after it was first buried. We promise full team coverage that day.

And of course someone has uploaded footage of all this to YouTube: