If you’re in the mood for some speculative fiction and have exhausted your trusty pile of Arthur C. Clarke books, you might want to consider tuning into Netflix. The streaming service is regularly acquiring new sci-fi and fantasy movies that should satisfy most fans of alternative futures. Here are 8 of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix right now.

1. Stargate (1994)

Kurt Russell heads up a military squad that enlists Egyptologist James Spader to travel through a portal that might transform the universe--or destroy it. This '90s sci-fi classic spawned a successful television series starring Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver).

2. Total Recall (1990)

Everyman Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to take a trip to Mars via a memory implant from a travel agency. But he soon realizes that he may have already been there, and that his life isn't what it seems. Paul Verhoeven's violent, darkly funny sci-fi thriller has lost none of its satirical edge.

3. Beyond Skyline (2017)

Frank Grillo stars in this agreeably pulpy sci-fi tale of aggressive aliens who have arrived on Earth looking for a fight. Grillo is all too eager to give it to them.

4. Midnight Special (2016)

Michael Shannon stars as a father determined to keep his superpowered son out of the hands of government officials.

5. Project Power (2020)

Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt try to navigate a world in which a pill grants unpredictable superpowers for a finite period of time.

6. Bird Box (2018)

Sandra Bullock navigates a world in which the presence of mysterious creatures have forced humanity to avert their gaze, lest they go insane. With her two children, Bullock has to take action and make a dangerous trek to have any hope for survival.

7. Spectral (2016)

How do you fight an enemy you can't see? That's the dilemma facing the soldiers in Spectral, which pits the military against apparitions that can attack without being spotted.

8. Real Steel (2011)

In this futuristic fighting fable loosely based on the work of Richard Matheson, Hugh Jackman is a trainer hoping his bucket of robot bolts can rise to the challenge in a future where machines duke it out.