The Periodic Table of The Muppets

BaBoon Design
BaBoon Design / BaBoon Design

Finally—a way to map out a family that includes a frog, a pig, a beatnik, an alien, three near-identical chickens, and a "whatever."

Canadian artist Mike Boon of Mike BaBoon Design has created the first-ever Muppet classification guide, a Periodic Table of legendary puppeteering genius Jim Henson’s best works of rainbow fur. His whimsical masterpiece features Muppets from the classic to the newly-stuffed, arranged on the table by debut year or production (the first row includes Kermit the Frog, Sam, Yorick, and Harry the Hipster from Henson’s 1950s series Sam and Friends) and by principal puppeteer. Borders and elemental symbols are coded by hair and nose color.

All of the old standbys are there—Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Scooter, and the Swedish chef—as are newest characters Walter and the ‘80s Robot from the 2011 Jason Segal movie The Muppets. Nostalgic Muppet fans will recognize the familiar characters as well as some of the more obscure ones that Boon has included, such as the alien Mahna Mahna and silver-haired singer Johnny Fiama.

Boon says of the Henson menagerie, “There was something about the odd mix of family, heart, humour and chaos that always appealed to me… [I wanted] to incorporate a tribute to the valuable Muppeteers that have given these characters such strong personalities and voices over the years,” as well as highlight the characters that aren’t usually in the spotlight.

Boon’s other Muppet designs include two alphabets of Henson characters and a Fraggle Rock logo modeled after the Philadelphia LOVE sculpture. All are available on t-shirts, i-phone cases, posters, and prints. Börk Börk!