Create Your Favorite Jeff Goldblum With This Dress-Up Magnet Set

Belly Kids/Vaso Michailidou
Belly Kids/Vaso Michailidou / Belly Kids/Vaso Michailidou

It’s not enough to simply be a fan of Jeff Goldblum—you have to choose which Jeff Goldblum you love best. Maybe it’s the brooding Seth Brundle from 1986’s The Fly, complete with his wavy mane and ill-fated hamadryas baboon companion. Or the iconic Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, who simply refuses to button his shirt all the way up (one of the themes of Goldblum's career).

Well thanks to The Jeff Goldblum Dress-Up Magnet Set, you can mash 'em all together. Put out by Belly Kids and artist Vaso Michailidou, this magnet set comes with a Goldblum from every era—including The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Independence Day, and Thor: Ragnarok—that you can mix and match to create his ultimate form.

Maybe you like the Brundle head (complete with fly on his cheek) but want him in the scarf from Aquatic and the plaid shirt from Independence Day. Or maybe you want your fridge to feature a more modern Goldblum—with salt and pepper beard and fedora—in his Grandmaster robe from Thor. And it doesn’t end at the movies, either. There's also his white Oscars tux from a few years back and a shirtless option for more daring fans.

Belly Kids

The illustrated magnets are all placed on laser-cut vinyl and can simply be poked out of the book and arranged however you want. The only thing stopping you from creating the perfect Jeff Goldblum is your own imagination. You can go to Belly Kids now and order your own.