How to Book a Daytime Stay in a Hotel—No Overnight Required

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Hotels are a crucial part of traveling, but it seems they’re always off-limits when you need them most. If you’re severely jet lagged and have a nine-hour layover during the day, you’re stuck napping on an airport bench. Another common dilemma is deciding what to do when you check out of your hotel room at noon but don’t have to catch your flight home until midnight.

As Lonely Planet reports, there are a couple of services tailored to travelers in need of a place to rest during daylight hours. One is, a booking platform that offers daylong hotel stays in 22 countries. The rates can be as much as 75 percent cheaper than overnight rates, according to the French company. For example, a hotel near New York City’s LaGuardia Airport costs about $110 to reserve for the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The site offers daytime discounts on more than 4000 hotels. Many of the booking deals come with services that are typically reserved for overnight guests, including spas, swimming pools, gyms, meeting rooms, and more. It’s not necessary to set up an account on the website, and customers can pay directly at the hotel instead of in advance via credit card. And if your flight comes in late, that’s no problem either; cancellations can be made up until the very last minute, free of charge.

Another platform, ByHours, caters mostly to hotels in Europe and South America. The Spain-based company offers “microstay” deals at more than 3000 hotels, and guests can choose to stay in blocks of three, six or 12 hours at a time. Most of the hotels are three- and four-star properties, but if you’re looking for a taste of true luxury—even if just for a few hours—you can choose from about 100 five-star hotels on the site.

[h/t Lonely Planet]