Kids Reacting to Game of Thrones Is the Best Thing You'll Watch This Week

FBE via YouTube
FBE via YouTube / FBE via YouTube

Game of Thrones is a far cry from family-friendly televisionwhich is made evident in the YouTube video below from Fine Brothers Entertainment in which kids showcase their knowledge—and hilarious opinions—of what they have been told told is “maybe the most popular TV show of [their] lifetime.”

The kids range in age from 6 to 13, and their comments while being shown the (relatively PG-rated) season 8 promo and some kid-friendly scenes (which the producers admitted they had a difficult time finding) are both hysterically funny and adorable.

A couple of the kids compared the show to more age-appropriate movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean. Unsurprisingly, the dragons were a hit with this particular age group.

In addition to capturing the kids' reactions, the producers also had kids answer questions about the show’s appropriateness and how their parents deal with watching popular shows that aren’t kid-friendly. One of the questions was, “As a kid, is it annoying when there’s something you’re told that you can’t watch but everybody’s talking about it?”

The responses varied from one very mature 13-year-old saying, “If I’m told not to watch it, I just don’t watch it … I’m keeping my innocence,” to one younger boy talking about how his parents barred him from being in the room while they were watching The Handmaid’s Tale.

Overall, the kids seemed to be surprisingly knowledgeable about Game of Thrones—even if the video's creators were only able to find about three minutes of all-ages footage from the past seven seasons.

[h/t Fine Brothers Entertainment]