All the Best Escalator Videos

YouTube / CGPGrey2
YouTube / CGPGrey2 / YouTube / CGPGrey2

Look, I like YouTube. I watch a lot of know, for work. Today, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of escalator videos. You guessed it: person rides escalator, films it, then we get to enjoy the ride.

The surprising thing about these escalator videos is that they relax me so much. Let's start with one of the smoothest, shot by C.G.P. Grey at Heathrow. I want to emphasize, this is literally just 80 seconds of a very slow escalator ride. There is no music. There is no surprise. It is just a ride. (It's so slow, people on the adjacent escalator hop down the steps as stairs.) I find this incredibly soothing:

And here's a five-minute escalator ride. (Technically, a series of escalators, but with beautifully smooth transitions between them.) This is amazing:

Right? Are you feeling it yet? Okay, now here's an escalator in extra-slow power-saving mode. The video isn't quite as smooth, so it's not as relaxing, but there's still something special here:

From the people at Boring Slow Motion, here's a slow motion escalator. Soothing, not boring. I could watch this all day. This should be captured in real time (perhaps without the creepy audio) and projected on my wall. BEHOLD:

Here's a ride up and then down the Dupont Circle escalator (I have been on this escalator! It was great!):

And a beautiful vintage wooden escalator at Macy's. I like the color variations in the treads.

Okay, and now a trip up a vintage escalator in Boston, in a vintage video from 1988. For real. This is happening, and these guys are as psyched about escalators as I am. Also note the dude's '80s sneakers when he rides the escalator.

And here's what happens when you pour a bag of plastic balls into an escalator. Do not try this at home, because picking up all the balls appears to be a real chore:

I guess my point is, when you're on an escalator, just enjoy the moment. If you get to use an escalator every day, treasure it.