Though it's easy for fans of The Office to watch the entire series, beginning to end, over and over again, there are a few episodes that stand out as perennial classics. Case in point: "The Dundies," the episode that kicked off the series' second season and where we were first introduced to Michael Scott’s annual employee awards ceremony at Chili’s. And of course, chaos quickly ensued.

From Michael getting heckled by strangers for his terrible jokes, to Pam getting so drunk that she fell off a barstool (and was banned from the restaurant chain for life), the whole episode is full of ridiculous hilarity. But Michael is able to pull through and make sure that each employee walks away with a coveted statuette for everything from having the whitest sneakers to the bathroom-related "Don't Go in There After Me" award.

If you’ve ever watched the episode and wondered which Dundie you would be awarded, now’s your chance to find out. Thanks to customer service solutions company Moneypenny, fans are able to answer a few questions and generate their own Dundie declaration. Visit their site here to find out which Dundie you'd be putting on your mantel.

You might not get the most exciting award, but hey, anything’s better than the aforementioned "Don't Go in There After Me" award.