The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes in Each State

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Ask someone what they eat at Thanksgiving dinner and the answer will likely depend on where they're from. Though some dishes, like turkey, are considered holiday staples across the country, others are rarely seen outside certain regions. To get an idea of how Thanksgiving menus vary from state to state, check out these maps from House Method.

To determine the most-searched sweet and savory Thanksgiving recipes in each state, the homeowners' resource investigated which food-related terms Americans are Googling this time of year.

Roast turkey dominated the eastern half of the U.S., topping Thanksgiving recipe search trends in nine states from Florida to Massachusetts. It turns out that people from the Bluegrass State like all of their poultry fried: Kentucky was the only state where the search term "deep fried turkey" came out No.1.

Sweet potato casserole is popular in the South, while in Midwestern states they're searching for green bean casserole, and out in Utah, Nevada, and California, they're looking for yams (though they likely mean sweet potatoes).

House Method also made a map for the people who consider dessert the best part of Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is the most popular sweet dish on the Thanksgiving table by far, topping search results in 15 states. The map below shows that sweet potato pie is preferred in Southeastern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and pecan pie is the favorite of Southern states slightly to the West like Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.

House Method

After seeing what your state likes to serve on Thanksgiving, check out the origins of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

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