12 Clever and Creative Snowmen

Olsettres / Olsettres

A little inspiration for your next snow day.

1. Too Soon

Snowman season began back in September for Calgary, Alberta, even before the autumnal equinox, so we were still officially in summer! A snowman posted by redditor zakrak4 makes his opinion about that very clear.

2. Snowman Goes Postal

Here’s a snowman that is definitely mail. I believe he may be suffering from POST traumatic stress disorder, which is why he is wailing. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t help but sing that song from Blue’s Clues when I saw this.

3. The Kim Kardashian Snowman

You can’t help but laugh when an instantly recognizable internet meme becomes a snowman. Just last month, someone sculpted a snowman (ahem, snow woman) in the likeliness of Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine photo shoot. Twitter user BRiTTaLiTY had to share a picture.

4. Kegstand Snowman

Flickr user sneaka spotted this snowman doing a keg stand on her way to work in Madison, Wisconsin. How'd they do that?

5. Godzilla Eats Cars

Buffalo, New York, suddenly found itself underneath several feet of snow a couple of months ago. Since the city was buried, there wasn’t much to do that didn’t involve snow. Olsettres spotted this monstrous snow sculpture that showed at least some Buffalo residents retained their sense of humor during the event.

6. Taun Taun

A rare snowstorm blanketed the area around Amarillo, Texas, just this past week. A friend of redditor Xnipek took the opportunity to construct a snow sculpture of a Taun Taun from the Star Wars ice planet Hoth. It must have some kind of support structure underneath, but that in no way makes it less awesome.

7. Mutant Snowmen

This picture has been around a long time, but the setting makes it funny enough to revisit again and again.

8. Peeping Snowman

A snowman doesn’t have to be a work of art to be memorable. As in the snowman above, placement can make all the difference between a snowman you admire and then forget, and a snowman that will haunt your dreams for a lifetime. Redditor pistols_for_pandas and friends made this one to prank a roommate.

9. English Snowman

Verity Armstrong of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK, built a snowman that shows her patriotism, complete with both a Union Jack and a St. George’s Cross. And horns.

10. Snow Hipster

Bits of greenery give personality to this snowman, called a “snow hipster” by Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski, who took the picture. It must be the soul patch. The snowman is a tribute to the employees of the Cobb Cafe in Chicago.

11. Florida Snowman

When Florida received a rare snowfall, redditor rockthewaves33 hurried to make a snowman. It didn’t last long. He asked for name suggestions, and the top-voted name was Melty Raisinface the First.

12. New Mexico Snowman

When you don’t have any snow at all, you’ve got to get creative. What do you have? Tumbleweeds! Yes, it’s true that New Mexico has mountains and snow, but snow is not a necessity to build this snowman.

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