Poland Is Home to a Very Tiny Cat Museum

cocorattanakorn, iStock via Getty Images
cocorattanakorn, iStock via Getty Images / cocorattanakorn, iStock via Getty Images

There are already plenty of museums around the globe that celebrate our collective fascination with cats, but none have the distinction of being quite this small. Located in Kraków, Poland, the Cat Museum manages to cram roughly 1000 cat collectibles and other curiosities into a 161-square-foot space, The First News reports. The attraction consists of a vast assortment of knick-knacks inspired by the beloved pet, and inside you'll find everything from kitty-shaped soap dispensers to cat-centric snow globes.

A couple from Ukraine opened the Cat Museum to the public in June 2019, housing a collection that has been more than a decade in the making. About 15 years ago, museum co-owner Nataliya Koshivaya received a cat figurine as a gift from a friend returning from vacation. Since then, Nataliya and her husband have been accumulating cat merchandise wherever they can find it. Their hobby grew to the point that friends knew to look for cat tchotchkes for the couple when perusing gift shops.

After nurturing the obsession for years, the husband-wife team decided to share their spoils with the world. Today, the museum is a place for feline-lovers to experience a bit of cat kitsch—and possibly pet a real-life cat. According to Nataliya, her gray cat Geisha is the museum's "real owner." She's the only living animal there at the moment, but the owners are considering opening a second location with room to house more pets.

[h/t The First News]