Twice a week, Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings runs Kennections, a quiz featuring seemingly unrelated clues where the answers have one thing in common. To celebrate his 400th Kennection, Jennings scoured our archives and selected 15 of his favorite, funniest quizzes.

See if you can figure them out. (And if you're looking for more Kennections fun, check out Jennings's picks for his toughest quizzes here—or browse the full archive of more than 400 quizzes online.)

1. A clean connection

A filter-feeding ocean dweller and Philip F. Dale’s nickname have something in common.

2. A classic connection

See if you can figure out how a Shakespearean play and a 2001 book about a Boston crime lord are linked

3. Head in the correct direction

Bernie Sanders and a baseball location share a certain attribute.

4. A noble activity

The most common 4-digit PIN in the world and an American sandwich are more similar than you may realize. 

5. An honest answer

The only U.S. president to never enter the White House and the fruit of a rose plant share an honorable trait.

6. A fiery similarity

Find the link between a video game adventurer and a CW series starring Rachel Bloom. 

7. A lethal link

The canine hero in a 1957 Disney film and the 1937 leader of the Falange Española Tradicionalista share this tragic trait. 

8. A difficult test to pass

Try to deduce what Cujo’s breed and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s father have in common

9. A positively tough one

Find the connection between the activity Bhutan banned nationwide in 2005 and the nickname Christopher Wallace is called in his posthumous hit “Hypnotize.” 

10. Not quite black-and-white

The world’s tallest structure in 1885 and a popular whey cheese used in baked lasagna sure don’t seem related at first glance. 

11. Get rolling

The clue's include the demographic Sallie Mae provides loans to and the main ingredient of tahini. 

12. Don't get left hanging

The animated Disney character whose moves were based off Tony Hawk’s and a statue outside Seattle’s Safeco Field have this in common

13. Liberate your creativity

A mythological Nordic sea monster and a type of dog are two creatures with this trait.

14. A comedic connection

Spot the similarity between Hawaii’s favorite canned meat and a Parisian fromagerie

15. Not so cut-and-dry

The object Old Mother Hubbard retrieved for her dog and a cocktail made with olive brine share a common clue.