The Fun Family Connection Jenna Fischer Had to a Minor Character in The Office

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski star in The Office.
Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski star in The Office. / NBCUniversal Media, LLC

If you can’t get enough behind-the-scenes reveals from The Office, you’re in good company.

One little-known nugget about season 4 takes us back to those fateful last hours when Jenna Fischer still played an engaged Pam “and don’t call me Pammy” Beesly before becoming the one and only "Mrs. Halpert."

The actress's onscreen family and friends were all in attendance to see Dunder Mifflin’s sweethearts finally say “I do,” but there was another secret that day. Apparently, someone who played a role in Fischer’s real life was there for the nuptials, too—even though they weren’t on the guest list.

According to ScreenRant, Fischer shared the real family connection with an actress who played a staff member at the hotel. In the moment Jenna and Pam’s worlds collide, the happy fictional couple are checking into their separate hotel rooms in the episode “Niagara Part 1” prior to their wedding.

Remember the hotel receptionist? She might have played a minor role on The Office, but the actress portraying the character was actually Michelle Gunn, Fischer’s former sister-in-law. 

As ScreenRant explains, both actresses were formerly married to brothers James Gunn and Mathew Gunn, respectively. Now, of course, Fischer is married to Lee Kirk, who fans of The Office will know had a part in the show as well. If you fast-forward to the season 6 episode “Delivery,” Kirk plays the medical professional who helps Pam nurse baby CeeCee.