Map Shows the Most Stressed-Out Cities in America

Corey Agopian, Unsplash
Corey Agopian, Unsplash / Corey Agopian, Unsplash

If you feel stressed more often than not, where you live could be part of the problem. Numerous factors that contribute to stress—like work/life balance, income, and cost of living—vary by location. To see if the place you call home is considered one of the most stressed-out places in America, check out the map below.


To determine the most stressed city in each state, the career search site Zippia looked at multiple criteria. The quality of life factors they linked to stress include the average number of hours residents work per week, average commute times, unemployment rates, income to housing price ratios, and the percentages of uninsured residents. All data came from the U.S. Census American Community Survey for 2013 to 2017 and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to Zippia, the fast pace of city life doesn't automatically equal more stress. The map below includes many small- and medium-sized cities, like Mead Valley, California; Asbury Park, New Jersey; and Lantana, Florida. The biggest city that appears on the map is Chicago.

A city has just as much potential to boost a resident's happiness as it does to raise their stress levels. You can learn more about Zippia's methodology and findings here. After looking at their map, check out the 25 happiest cities in the country here.