Interactive World Wisdom Map Teaches You Life Lessons From Around the World

Your new mantra could come from any corner of the world.
Your new mantra could come from any corner of the world. / Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, Project FUEL

When looking for wisdom, we often turn to witty writers like Oscar Wilde or sage leaders like Nelson Mandela. That said, there are plenty of less famous people with valuable life lessons to share.

This interactive “World Wisdom Map” lets you explore them. Featuring nearly 400 quotes from contributors across 195 countries, the map is a unique window into the minds of complete strangers. You might not agree with every bit of advice you come across, but those conclusions can help you discern your own outlook on life, too.

Each quote is accompanied by a few personal details about the contributor, usually including name, age, location, and a photo. If you click to expand a quote, you can read more about who said it and why. Ilari, a 19-year-old from Albania, recommends that you “never let yourself get nostalgic about friends from your past.” From that alone, you might think she’s advising you to focus on the future, and let the past go—but her story reveals that after falling out of touch with school friends from other countries, she realized “the onus has to be on you to keep your friendships and memories alive.” Nostalgia, in other words, is just an excuse for inaction. But if you do fail to be the most active friend of all time, 27-year-old Lena Zague Some from Burkina Faso would probably tell you to take it easy on yourself. “You can’t be good at everything you want to do,” she says. “Failure is not as bad as it seems.”

The project is the brainchild of Project FUEL, an India-based organization that spreads wisdom through multimedia. “A world map full of perspective and stories seems like a good effort in assisting people to create a life of purpose and power,” founder Deepak Ramola said in a press release. “Using the tool of technology, it is easier to connect and exchange information to ignite hope and global participation in an unbiased and creative way.”

And if you have your own wisdom to share with the world, you can submit it for review by clicking the “Contribute” option on the site menu.