11 Fun Face Masks That Show Off Your Love of Books

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Disclaimer: According to the CDC, loosely woven cloth masks provide the least protection against Covid-19. For the highest level of protection, it is recommended that you use a KN95 or N95 mask. Here are some tips on identifying counterfeit N95 masks and how to spot real ones.

Whether you're a newly converted book aficionado or have been stockpiling paperbacks since your Scholastic Book Fair days, we've compiled 11 face masks from Etsy that are perfect for any bibliophile.

1. Banned Books; $9-$10


Banned book lists are the type of thing many of us love to hate, and this mask highlights some of the more "infamous" titles that have landed on them over the years.

Buy it: Etsy

2. The Hobbit Book Cover; $20


Tolkien devotees can probably recall The Hobbit beat for beat from memory. But whether you're a scholar of Middle-earth or just a casual passerby, you can take an unexpected journey down memory lane with this mask featuring the iconic cover of The Hobbit.

Buy it: Etsy

3. My Patronus Is A Bookworm; $13


You can't have a list of book-themed face masks without featuring something for the Potterheads out there. Even though Hermione's Patronus is an otter, she probably secretly wishes it was actually a book from the library.

Buy it: Etsy

4. Smilest Thou? Shakespeare Face Mask; $15-$16


Where art thou smile? For those who think in iambic pentameter, or just love a good Shakespeare adaptation, this mask will make you feel like you're back in Elizabethan England.

Buy it: Etsy

5. Jane Austen Lovers; $14-$16


Anyone who wishes they lived in Jane Austen’s Regency-era England should scoop up this mask that brings many of the author's famous characters to life. You’ll find Austen’s iconic couples set on a backdrop of pages from their respective novels.

Buy it: Etsy

6. Nancy Drew Covers; $18


Remember when you were a child looking for clues everywhere pretending you were like kid detective Nancy Drew? This mask shows off the covers to some of her best mysteries, from The Haunted Showboat to The Secret in the Old Attic.

Buy it: Etsy

7. Coffee. Books. Dogs.; $7


No three things go better together than books, dogs, and coffee (Netflix, tea, and cats are also acceptable alternatives). Let everyone know where your loyalties really lie with this mask.

Buy it: Etsy

8. Classic Book Pages; $11


This mask features a collage of pages from Jane Austen’s Emma, "Snow White," and other classics, making it the perfect way to express your love of all literature while you're out and about.

Buy it: Etsy

9. Library Card; $13-$15


This design should instantly bring you back to the hallowed halls of your local library. You can practically smell the pleasant mustiness of the pages.

Buy it: Etsy

10. Bookshelf; $13-$15


This simple, colorful design is perfect for anyone who views their bookshelf arrangement as part art and part science.

Buy it: Etsy

11. Librarian The Original Search Engine; $10-$11


If you want to show your support for your local librarian (or if you're a librarian who isn't averse to some well-earned bragging rights), reach for this mask.

Buy it: Etsy

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