Map Shows the Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Meals Around the World

Charliefletcher0/iStock via Getty Images
Charliefletcher0/iStock via Getty Images / Charliefletcher0/iStock via Getty Images

A coveted Michelin star is associated with pricey restaurants, but that isn't always the case. The Michelin Guide has been known to bestow the honor upon humble street vendors as well as high-end eateries. In the map below, you can find the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants in dozens of countries around the world.

Accredited Debt Relief scoured international menus to put together this graphic of the cheapest three-course meals recognized by the Michelin Guide. Though France is famous for its fine dining, it's also home to the cheapest restaurant on the map. At Hostellerie la Montagne in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, diners can get a prix fixe dinner for €20, or $24.52 USD. In the United States, State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, California, offers the cheapest Michelin-approved meal at $45.

Inexpensive by Michelin Guide standards doesn't always equal cheap in the real world. In Norway, diners have to pay $151.39 for a meal from Statholder Gaarden, the cheapest Michelin restaurant in the country according to the map. The meals chosen for Macau, South Korea, Iceland, and Denmark all cost more than $100, too.

Because Accredited Debt Relief only looked at set menus, there are some impressive deals missing from the map. In 2016, the Michelin Guide awarded a star to the Singapore street food vendor Chan Hon Meng, which sold chicken for $1.50 a plate. Six years prior, Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong had won a star for its cheap dim sum.

If you dream of taking an affordable tour of the world's Michelin-starred offerings, check out the full round-up below.

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