Each Side of the World's Biggest Rubik's Cube Is 67 Square Feet

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When some people attempt to solve a Rubik's Cube, they aim for speed. In skilled hands, a standard version of the toy can be conquered in less than five seconds. A record-breaking Rubik's Cube recently unveiled in Hong Kong works a bit differently. Just turning one row of the biggest Rubik's Cube on Earth is a serious feat, and solving the whole puzzle requires equal parts brains and brawn.

The Guinness World Record holder for the world's largest Rubik's Cube debuted at Hong Kong's Nina Mall on March 28, 2021. As Yahoo! reports, each side is 67 square feet—or more than 8 feet tall and wide—and the rows of blocks are capable of being spun independently, just like on the real toy.

In this video from Guinness World Records, you can watch people try to solve the interactive sculpture together. Even with multiple sets of arms to turn them, rearranging the blocks still seems like a workout. The super-sized installation is only temporary, and it will be taken off display after a month at the mall.

Since Hungarian inventor Ernő Rubik created his puzzle toy in 1974, we've seen many creative takes on the format. The word's smallest Rubik's Cube may be just as difficult to solve as the world's largest one. Standing just .39 inches tall, it hit the market in 2020 for roughly $1700. If you're still struggling with how to solve a regular-sized Rubik's Cube, here are some tips on how to do it in five steps.

[h/t Yahoo!]