How to Get Your Butt Print Out of Your Sofa

A remote worker becoming one with the couch.
A remote worker becoming one with the couch. / visualspace/iStock via Getty Images

If your couch has been your office, movie theater, and/or best friend throughout the pandemic, there might be some evidence to prove it—say, a lumpy indentation in one cushion that looks suspiciously like your own rear end.

Before you start Googling around for good deals on couches, there are some ways you can revive your saggy sofa cushions. As HuffPost explains, the easiest one is just to flip and fluff your cushions regularly to even out the stuffing. Maybe you’ve avoided rotating cushions because you’re trying to conceal a few stains, or you don’t like to expose the zippers on certain sides of the cushions. But if it’s just you and your roommates around, the sight of an old coffee blotch or a zipper might not matter; and then, whenever you’re expecting guests, you can return the non-knobbly cushions to their original orientation.

A slightly more labor-intensive (but also more thorough and immediate) way of erasing your butt imprint is to restuff the cushion. Per HuffPost, interior design firm Tilton Fenwick advises a combination of down and foam, which guarantees firm yet comfortable cushions. If you’re allergic to down—or cognizant that some future guests might be—just foam is fine, too. You can also get an upholsterer to tighten or replace the jute webbing, the layer of woven fiber along the bottom of your couch. The more you sit on your couch, the looser the jute webbing gets, which can make the middle of your couch start to sink.

If all else fails, you can always dress up your couch with some throw blankets to distract people from noticing the ghost of your derrière. Or you can go ahead and Google around for good deals on couches.

[h/t HuffPost]