Make Your Home Smell Like Pretzel Day, Kevin’s Famous Chili, and More With These Office-Themed Candles

Probably Stanley's pick.
Probably Stanley's pick. / Moneyline Tees

If you’re looking to deviate from conventional candle scents like pumpkin spice and fresh linen, the options are nearly limitless. You can make your living room smell like your favorite soda, your astrological sign, or virtually anything else. You can even evoke the olfactory atmosphere of Jim and Pam’s relationship from The Office, which, according to retailer Moneyline Tees, is a fusion of “green notes, fresh cut roses, violet, lily, geranium, and musk.”

Smells like office romance.
Smells like office romance. / Moneyline Tees

That’s just one of many The Office-themed candles that Moneyline Tees—an officially licensed merchandiser for the show—has to offer. It’s easy enough to guess what aromas might waft from certain ones: The Pretzel Day candle smells like fresh bread, and “Ryan Started the Fire” will imbue your home with “the warm, cozy smell of a wood-burning fireplace.” “Kevin’s Famous Chili” won’t make your house guests think you just spilled a massive vat of chili all over the carpet, but it might make them think there’s hickory-smoked bacon in the skillet.

Other candles emit less obvious fragrances. The Angela Martin candle, though purportedly infused with cat dander and hairballs (among other things), is actually a “blend of lavender and rosewood, with orchid, bergamot, cedarwood, and musk.” “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica,” meanwhile, effuses the scents of eucalyptus leaves and mint, and the mystery aroma of “Updog” is incense.

What's updog? In this case, incense.
What's updog? In this case, incense. / Moneyline Tees

The collection wouldn’t be complete without any products from Jan Levinson’s ill-fated line of candles. But this “Serenity by Jan” candle almost definitely smells better than the fictional version—it boasts “a fresh blend of pine, apple, and cinnamon.”

Each 8-ounce soy candle costs $20 and will burn for up to 55 hours. You can explore all the options here.