You Can Now Enjoy the Flavors of Oreo in a Glass of Red Wine, Thanks to Barefoot

Oreo/BarefootWine / Oreo/BarefootWine

Dunking Oreos in milk may remind you of childhood, but the cream-filled cookie sandwiches are beloved by all age groups. Now, adult Oreo lovers can enjoy this classic snack in a more grown-up package. As Thrillist reports, Nabisco has teamed up with Barefoot Wine to create a red blend with notes of Oreo.

The new wine takes its inspiration from Oreo Thins—the slimmer, crispier version of the treat. Tasting notes for the drink include familiar red wine flavors such as blackberry and dark cherry. After savoring the wine on your palate, hints of chocolate cookies and cream start to come through, making this red wine the perfect choice for some after-dinner vino. This limited-edition creation—available exclusively for $25 via Barefoot's website starting on Thursday, December 9—even comes with a box of Oreo Thins for nibbling between sips.


For anyone who's ever had wine with a bar of chocolate, the Oreo-flavored beverage isn't as weird as it sounds. It's especially tame compared to some of recent brand collaborations that have rocked the wine and liquor world. In October, Grey Poupon debut its Dijon mustard-flavored wine, and Arby's came out with curly fry-flavored vodka a month later.

The Barefoot x Oreo Thins red blend goes on sale exclusively through Barefoot's website on Thursday, December 9, and it's available in packs of two 750-milliliter bottles while supplies last. If you miss out on snagging a bottle of the novelty drink in time for the holidays, here are more gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life.

[h/t Thrillist]