Lisa Frank and Pillsbury Have Teamed Up to Make Ready-to-Bake Unicorn Cookies

General Mills
General Mills / General Mills

Even if you haven't been back-to-school shopping in over a decade, you can still incorporate Lisa Frank's technicolor aesthetic into your life. After dominating the school supplies aisle in the 1980s and '90s, the artist is infiltrating supermarkets. As Simplemost reports, new ready-to-bake holiday cookies from Pillsbury feature colorful unicorns inspired by Lisa Frank.

Frank is best known for her neon animal designs. These sugar cookies depict one of her most famous characters—the rainbow unicorn "Markie"—as a bubblegum-pink silhouette surrounding by blue stars.

No baking skills are required to enjoy this retro treat. The cookies are pre-cut, so as long as you know how to preheat an oven, you can prepare them in less time than it takes to organize a Trapper Keeper. They're also safe to eat straight out of the package in case you need an immediate sugar fix.

Like your elementary school years, these Lisa Frank sugar cookies won't be here forever. Pillsbury released the limited-edition item at the beginning of December as part of its holiday baking line. You can pick up a package of 20 pre-cut cookies for $2.67 from your local grocery store.

Colorful baked goods appeal to all ages groups, but Millennials may be interested in Lisa Frank products made especially for her older fans. The artist's signature style has inspired makeup, adult coloring books, and an adult clothing line.

[h/t Simplemost]