10 Google Chat Easter Eggs

Get groovy with “/octodisco.”
Get groovy with “/octodisco.” / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

The development team at Google hides fun little Easter eggs in almost all of the company’s products and services. Here are 10 fun tricks you can use to amuse yourself and your friends the next time you use Google Chat.

1. /octodisco

If you need to add a bit of groovy excitement to a chat, just type /octodisco and watch as an octopus emoji surrounded by music note emojis appears.

2. /shame

bell emojis against pink background
Shame! Shame! / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

Game of Thrones fans can channel their inner Septa Unella with these bells of shame—no humiliating walk through King’s Landing required.

3. /puppyparty

Puppy emojis against pink background
A puppy party is the best kind of party. / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

Here’s one for the dog lovers: Typing /puppyparty will create a parade of dog emojis in the chat.

4. /lit

flame emojis against pink background
Your chat is about to be lit. / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

Saying “it’s lit” feels so 2010s (though lit has a much older slang history). But if you’re feeling nostalgic, just type /lit to summon a series of fire emojis.

5. /roll

This trick’s perfect if you’re playing any sort of online game that involves rolling dice. Simply type /roll into Google Hangouts, and you and whomever you’re chatting with will see a message saying you’ve rolled the die.

6. /shruggie

"¯\_(ツ)_/¯" against a pink background
¯\_(ツ)_/¯. / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

If you want to respond to someone’s message with the classic ASCII shrug emoji but don’t want to type all the different characters, type /shruggie into Google Hangouts and the internet’s favorite symbol of ambivalence will appear.

7. /tableflip

Don’t just say you’re mad. Instead, show it by typing /tableflip, which will let you pretend you’ve just flipped a table over with rage.

8. /tableback

Once your anger has subsided, type /tableback to express your remorse and put the table back in its rightful place.

9. /flowerbeam

flower beaming emoji against pink background
Talk about flower power. / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

Ever wish you could shoot flowers from your hands? Make that dream a reality by typing /flowerbeam into the chat.

10. /lgtm

thumbs up emoji on pink background
Thumbs up for a job well done. / Kerry Wolfe for Mental Floss

“Well done” or “sounds good” can feel a bit better. Instead, just type /lgtm and a series of “thumbs up” emojis will appear.

A version of this story originally ran in 2016; it has been updated for 2023.