Batgirl Demands Equal Pay for Women in This 1973 PSA


Here's a vintage PSA where the notion of equal pay for equal work is explained by none other than Batgirl.

Batman and Robin may be imprisoned next to a ticking bomb, but Batgirl isn’t going to save them until she gets fair pay. “I’m paid less than Robin!” she declares.

The 1960s live-action television version of Batman starred Yvonne Craig as Batgirl. The actress, who died in mid-August at the age of 78, was a pioneer for female superheroes in Hollywood. 

“Same job, same employer means equal pay for men AND women,” Batgirl reminds Batman as the bomb ticks. “It’s no joke; it’s the federal equal pay law.”

“Holy Act of Congress!” Robin exclaims. Too bad women are still getting paid less 42 years later. 

[h/t: Today’s Document]