Watch a Charming (and Creepy) 1968 Newsreel About a Doll Factory


Dolls, like clowns, exist right at the crossroad of delightful and terrifying. The video above, from the archives of British Pathé, is a perfect illustration of how dolls can straddle the line between adorable and unnerving.

“Doll’s Factory” is a 3-minute documentary from 1968 that takes you inside the Rosebud Mattel toy factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England. (Rosebud is the name of the doll being produced.) Watch as the tiny tots go through production, from getting their heads modeled in plasticine all the way to being outfitted in the latest fashions. The short film is charming (and a bit creepy).

“Modern dolls are really tiny robots! A tape in the tum gets them talking, and a power pack in the back gets them walking,” exclaims the narrator as groovy music propels the action along. “The whole process has a chilling, macabre tinge! It’s almost horrific the way they pop in the doll’s eyes with workaday nonchalance.”

Check it out above.

Images: YouTube

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