Making a Bow and Arrows from Scratch

YouTube // Primitive Technology
YouTube // Primitive Technology / YouTube // Primitive Technology

I've been mildly obsessed with YouTube's "Primitive Technology" channel for almost a year now. In it, an unnamed man in Far North Queensland, Australia builds things in the woods. He shows us the building process, and he doesn't speak. Over the year, he's built various kinds of huts (including one with a heated floor), fire-starting drills, and even charcoal.

In this video from March, the man from Primitive Technology makes a bow, arrows, and even a quiver from materials he finds in the wild. His tools? They're stone hand tools, made in previous videos. If you're curious what it takes to make a bow and arrow in the wild, spend a few minutes watching this. (My favorite part is when he braids tree fibers to make the string.) Enjoy:

For more on the process, read this Primitive Technology blog post detailing the whole thing. I found this part particularly interesting:

It’s noteworthy that all the shooting in this video was done less than a week after cutting the wood meaning the bow was still green. Ideally the wood should be left to season or dry out before use. I cleared a shooting range in a clearing with a bank behind it to catch stray arrows. The target was a partially rotten log so that the arrows wouldn’t get damaged too much. The shooting was done at a distance of 10 m. At this range accuracy was a bit more than 50% with reasonable force behind the shots. Accuracy would probably improve with practice and consistently made arrows. The arrows embedded themselves strongly into the wood and were difficult to remove. The string was fairly durable. I made two strings for the bow. During my practice I had the string break only 3 times while firing the arrows 200 or 300 times.