Netflix Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Rom-Com and a Slasher Flick

YouTube/Rebecca O'Connell
YouTube/Rebecca O'Connell / YouTube/Rebecca O'Connell

If you subscribe to Netflix, you’ve undoubtedly spent more hours than you’d probably like to count browsing through the streaming channel’s many offerings (only to inevitably flip back to the Food Network and resume that Chopped marathon). Sometimes, you know what you’re in the mood for—be it an Exciting B-Horror Movie or a Feel-Good Drama from the 1980s—and trust that Netflix will be able to steer you in the right direction while you’re browsing one of its more than 76,000 categories.

But for all its specificity, Netflix might not know the difference between a horror movie and a romantic-comedy. At least that’s what it seemed like this weekend, when what one can only assume was a glitch in the channel’s algorithm re-categorized hundreds of movies in hilariously incorrect ways (unless No Country for Old Men really was a family film).

As Select All reports, the mix-up didn’t go unnoticed. As quickly as you could ask “V for Vendetta is a TV Comedy?,” the Twitterverse exploded with images of what Netflix users were seeing on their screens—including New York Magazine associate editor Madison Malone Kircher who, after being told that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was a Romantic Movie, wrote that, “I don’t remember much about this G-rated, 1997 flick from my childhood, but I certainly don’t remember the plot containing much romance, unless you count the love between a cartoon bear and his honey pot.”

After tweeting about it, Kircher realized she wasn’t the only one seeing things. (And here we thought no error could top August’s oopsie, when an episode of BBC’sPlanet Earth was rebranded with subtitles from an Aziz Ansari’s standup special.)

[h/t: Select All]