Watch Technologists Get Excited About CDs in 1982

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The compact disc player turns 35 this year. Sony's first CD player was released on October 1, 1982. At the time of its release, the CD was an enormous step forward in home recording technology—and nerds were excited.

In late 1982, an Australian TV show called Towards 2000 dedicated a lengthy segment to the arrival of the CD, "the ultimate in recorded sound." In the segment, presenters ran through various significant sound-recording milestones, showing off all sorts of needles, horns, hand-cranks, and so on. The "microgroove" LP was effectively the height of recording technology until 1982.

Nearly three minutes into the TV segment below, we see our first compact disc. Mind blowing! The presenters explain that there is no needle involved—it's frickin' lasers.

We get a tour of CD technology, including early players with big clicky buttons. My favorite part of this trip down memory lane comes near the end of the segment, when presenters suggest that one day, CD players might even find their way into cars!

Tune in, and be reminded what mind-blowing tech looked like 35 years ago: