This ’80s Movie Montage Features the Decade’s Best Dance Scenes

Top 10 Dance Scenes in 80s Movies
Top 10 Dance Scenes in 80s Movies / MsMojo

Quentin Tarantino recently condemned the 1980s as one of the worst decades for films in history. But when it comes to dance scenes, he might not want to judge it so harshly.

Thanks to a surplus of soundtrack tie-ins, cavorting teenagers, and dance fads, the ‘80s hold some of the most crowd-pleasing dance numbers since Fred Astaire laced up his shoes. Films like Risky Business, Grease 2, Footloose, and Flashdance all featured scenes that got heavy replay on VHS.

Recently, YouTube channel MsMojo compiled the top 10 dance sequences from the decade. To see if one of your favorites made the list—and which grabbed the top spot—check out the video below.