Busch Is Brewing Turkey-Flavored ‘Beer’ for Dogs Just in Time for Thanksgiving


On top of their regular hosting duties, dog owners have to worry about keeping Fido out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving. The smell of turkey in the oven is hard for pets to ignore, which is why they need a tasty distraction. As Nerdist reports, this new turkey-flavored dog “beer” from Busch is the perfect treat to keep chow hounds occupied on the big day.

Like other flavors in the beer company’s Dog Brew line, this limited-edition variety doesn’t contain alcohol. Instead, it’s made with turkey broth flavored with vegetables, herbs, and spices that are safe for canine consumption.

The drink is as nutritious as it is delicious, with a recipe formulated to aid digestion. And if your dog struggles to eat solid foods, the liquid meal is a great way to add extra nutrients to their diet.

The beverage comes in a can, but your four-legged companion will likely appreciate it if you pour it in a bowl for them. Dog Brew can also be mixed into dried food to soften it or frozen and eaten as ice cubes.

If you’re looking to include your furry family members in the festivities this Thanksgiving, you can purchase a four-pack of Turkey Brew from Busch’s online store while supplies last. Having a game-plan for your pets should make it easier to prepare the turkey for your human guests—though there are plenty of turkey-flavored novelty items for people if you’re feeling lazy this year.

[h/t Nerdist]