Bush’s Beans Is Hiring a ‘Chili Commissioner’—Which Comes With a $20,000 Paycheck

Finally, a fun résumé.
Finally, a fun résumé. / Bush's Beans

When it comes to classic tailgate fare, chili is right up there with jalapeño poppers and buffalo chicken dip. This football season, Bush’s Beans is looking for a “Chili Commissioner” who can help honor that legacy.

Needless to say, a passion for chili—both cooking and eating it—is a must. Not only will the Chili Commissioner help develop an official tailgate chili recipe for Bush’s Beans, they’ll also compete in a chili cook-off against actor Brian Baumgartner. As any fan of The Office can tell you, Baumgartner’s character Kevin Malone knows his way around a pot of chili; and Baumgartner himself is also a skilled chef of the stuff.

The showdown, judged by a former World Championship Chili Cook-Off winner, will take place before the SEC Championship in Atlanta at Bush’s Beans’ tailgate—an event the commissioner will also co-host with Baumgartner. The football game is slated for December 3, and the company will cover all the costs for a two-night trip (guest included). 

The commissioner won’t just get a free vacation and a chance to flaunt their chili-making chops. They’ll also earn a one-time $20,000 paycheck and an entire year’s supply of Bush’s Chili Beans. If you’re interested in the role, be sure to toss your hat in the ring by November 8. In addition to soliciting a few personal details, the application asks you to describe your favorite chili recipe, share your go-to pump-up tactics during a tailgate, and upload a 15-second video explaining why you’d make a great Chili Commissioner.

Learn more and apply here.