Corn Dog Doughnuts Are the Culinary Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

If you love doughnuts, you'll appreciate this new culinary mashup.
If you love doughnuts, you'll appreciate this new culinary mashup. / ma-no/iStock via Getty Images

The cronut sent shockwaves through the foodie scene in 2013, but it was tame compared to a new culinary mashup that's making headlines. As Billy Penn reports, Philadelphia is now home to corn dog doughnuts, which are exactly what they sound like.

Pastry chef and Okie Dokie owner Carol Ha shared her latest creation on the South Philly bakery's Instagram page this week. From the outside, the confection resembles a regular plain doughnut. Biting into the treat, however, reveals a surprise inside—the pastry contains a full Sabrett hot dog. It's the same concept as a corn dog, but instead of serving it on a stick, Okie Dokie bends their battered dog into a deceptive doughnut shape. Like a classic corn dog, the morsel comes with a side of deli mustard for dipping.

Ha wasn't trying to appeal to a broad audience when she concocted the recipe. Instead, she aimed to please herself. “It’s my birthday,” the baker wrote in the caption of the post. “So to celebrate I combined my two favorite things: hot dogs and donuts!”

Customers who share Ha's love of the two comfort foods and are interested in eating them together will have their chance on Friday, July 1. The corn dog doughnuts will be available for walkup ordering all day on Friday. If the product's a hit, the bakeshop will consider bringing them back on a more regular basis. And if you're not into mixing meat with sweets, Okie Dokie sells hot dog-less doughnuts as well.

[h/t Billy Penn]