Taco Bell’s Enchirito Is Making a Limited-Time Comeback Nearly 10 Years After Disappearing

Beefy. / Taco Bell

In late September, Taco Bell called on all fans to help decide which discontinued dish to bring back to its menu. Not every item was on the table. The battle was specifically between two of the chain’s most requested retirees: the Double Decker Taco and the Enchirito. Until October 6, people could cast their votes (once a day) for their favorite offering through the Taco Bell app.

Now, as Food & Wine reports, Taco Bell has announced the winner—the Enchirito. It amassed 62 percent of some 760,000 total votes, beating out the Double Decker by a sizable 24 percent margin.

If seniority ruled anyone’s decision, the Enchirito would’ve been the clear choice. The enchilada-burrito hybrid—a soft flour tortilla containing beef, cheese, and onions, not to mention topped with red sauce and shredded cheese—appeared on Taco Bell’s menu in 1970. The Double Decker Taco wasn’t added until 1995.

If recency bias was a bigger factor, however, the Double Decker may have taken the cake. It was discontinued in 2019, while the Enchirito has been gone since 2013. The Double Decker was ideal for people who love hard tacos but hate how easily everything spills out at first bite. The exterior of the hard shell—the interior harboring a hearty helping of beef, cheese, and lettuce—was slathered in beans and encased in a soft tortilla, which helped keep the fixings contained.

Alas, Double Decker fans will have to wait for the next crowdsourcing campaign (if there is one) to try to catapult their choice order back onto the menu. They might try an Enchirito to pass the time. Locations across the country will offer it between November 17 and November 30. Mexican Pizza, on the other hand, isn’t leaving anytime soon.

[h/t Food & Wine]