Looking to Save Money at the Pump? This Gas App Can Help

Gas prices are rising, but there are ways to combat that.
Gas prices are rising, but there are ways to combat that. / Photo: Extreme Media/E+ via Getty Images: Background: Alisa Potapovich/iStock via Getty Images

It's an expensive time to be a car owner. Gas prices this year have been climbing at the fastest rate on record, and the average American now spends an extra $83 per month to fill up their tank. Unlike some expenses that have been subject to inflation, fuel isn't an area that drivers can skimp on. But that doesn't mean consumers are powerless against skyrocketing costs at the pump. With the right app, it is possible to shop around for gas and find the best prices near you.

As The Washington Post reports, GasBuddy is one of the most popular gas price comparison apps currently receiving attention. After entering your ZIP code, the tool brings up gas stations in your area and lists their prices. The app relies on users to report the latest price information, so the numbers may not always be up to date. To gauge how accurate the data is, you can check the submission date next to the price in the app.

On top of enabling users to compare prices, GasBuddy also gives them the opportunity to save money when they fill up at the pump. Anyone can request a free card from the company they can then use to get up to $.25 off of every gallon purchased.

Like many apps, GasBuddy makes money by selling user data to advertisers. You can limit what personal information the app can see by heading to your phone's privacy settings and toggling off tracking for GasBuddy. Even with location permissions turned off, you can use the service to find gas prices near you by manually inputting your ZIP code. You don't even need to create an account to use this feature.

GasBuddy is available to download for Android and iOS. If you're looking for more ways to save on gas, there are plenty of low-tech hacks to take advantage of, like filling up early in the week or removing the heavy junk from the back of your car. Here are more tips for making your next trip to the gas station less painful.

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