KFC’s Double Down Is Coming Back For the First Time In Nearly a Decade

The KFC Double Down in 2011.
The KFC Double Down in 2011. / Sandra Mu/GettyImages

In late spring 2022, soft drink connoisseurs saw the triumphant return of Mtn Dew Typhoon. Months later—and after a cutthroat vote, no less—Taco Bell enthusiasts welcomed the beloved Enchirito back into their lives.

All the while, fans of KFC’s Double Down watched. They waited. And now, at long last, their patience has paid off. As Food & Wine reports, the Double Down is finally making a comeback.

For anyone unfamiliar with the discontinued item, it’s the ideal sandwich for people who hate bread, can’t have bread, or simply dislike bread’s tendency to detract from the meaty main event contained within. It’s not exactly that the Double Down lacks a bun—it’s more that the bun isn’t bread. Instead, it comprises two of KFC’s fried chicken filets: extra crispy, all white meat. Cushioned between them are two slices of cheese, two strips of hickory-smoked bacon, and your choice between KFC’s spicy sauce or mayonnaise.  

KFC double down
It's crispy. / KFC

According to a KFC press release, more than 10 million Double Downs were purchased in its first month on the menu in 2010. It was only there for a good time, not a long time—but KFC did briefly bring it back in 2014.

Its latest stint of availability will be short-lived, too: just four weeks, beginning Monday, March 6. There is an opportunity to gain slightly early access to the sandwich. If you’re one of the first 2014 people to enter your email address on this page, KFC will email you a link to order yourself a Double Down on March 5.

[h/t Food & Wine]