Announcing the Winner of Mental Floss’s Literal March Madness

Who's the maddest of them all?
Who's the maddest of them all? / Chihuahua – JodiJacobson/Getty Images (chihuahua); Ethan Miller/Getty Images (Gordon Ramsay); RyanJLane/Getty images (baby); Epsilon/Getty Images (shoebill stork); Kevin Winter/Getty Images (Larry David); Roy Rochlin/Getty Images (Brian Cox); Drakuliren/Getty Images (swan); Chesnot/Getty Images (Twitter icon); Gilmanshin/Getty Images (Zeus); Kevin Winter/Getty Images (Sam Kinison)

Forget basketball—here at Mental Floss, we like to put a different twist on March Madness. In the past, we’ve pitted beloved characters from The Office against each other to see which Dunder Mifflin employee would reign supreme (spoiler alert: it was Michael Scott). But this year, we’re taking the madness a bit more literally.

We rounded up 32 of the angriest, most irritable people, places, and things in the universe to see which one will be crowned the maddest of them all.

In the first round, we had the Hulk—who, according to 2012’s The Avengers, is “always angry”—face off against the shark from Jaws (1975); swans taking on DMV customers; the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) against Network's Howard Beale; and Succession's “L To The OG” crankster Logan Roy versus Roald Dahl's princess of priss Veruca Salt. 

During the Sweet (or in this case, Sour) 16, we the had mighty Hulk pitted against Chihuahuas; Gordon Ramsay versus someone who just stepped on a LEGO brick; Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) against a bunch of screaming babies; people on Twitter versus Mount Vesuvius; the killer Monty Python rabbit versus wasps; and more.

During the Enraged Eight, a person who stepped barefoot on a LEGO brick defeated the Hulk—the #1 seed—in an upset. Frank Costanza, after being nearly neck-and-neck, won against hungry cats. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog eked out a narrow victory over cranky DMV customers. And, in a landslide win, the people of Twitter sent the Grinch skulking back home to Whoville.

In the Furious Four, a person who stepped barefoot on a LEGO brick beat out Frank Costanza to snag a spot in the championship round. And as it turns out, people on Twitter were no match for the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.

And the winner is...

It all came down to a person who stepped on a LEGO versus Monty Python's murderously mad rabbit in the final round. And in the end, our bruised-footed contender found out that the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog was not, in fact, just a harmless little bunny. The "rabbit with a vicious streak a mile wide" came out on top as the champion of our Literal March Madness.

Mental Floss Literal March Madness
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