Dreaming of Living Abroad? This Calculator Tells You How Much It Would Cost to Relocate

If you lived in New Zealand, you'd be home right now.
If you lived in New Zealand, you'd be home right now. / Matteo Colombo/Moment via Getty Images

Some people are forever in search of greener grass, eager to shake up their routine by relocating. For some, that means moving to another state. For others, it means exchanging their currency or even learning a new language to relocate to another country.

If wanderlust is a factor for you, a new online calculator from insurance company William Russell may be able to help. The program offers a rough estimate of what it would cost to relocate you from the U.S. or UK to a number of countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, and more.

The site factors in basic expenses like one-way travel and shipping your belongings. The most inexpensive change would be from the U.S. to Canada, where it may be as little as $659; Mexico is also cheap at $813; heading to the UK wouldn’t be much more at $840.

The farther away a country is, the more expensive a move will be. New Zealand, for example, could run you over $2000. So would Australia.

Obviously, there are many variables to relocation, and data may not reflect real-world conditions like shipping rate increases, connecting flights, and other expenses. Additionally, the ongoing cost of living is the real question mark. Switzerland may run about $1173 in moving costs, but living in what’s considered one of the most expensive countries in the world, with somewhat reasonable rent but high income taxes, can be challenging; costs also rise exponentially for families. Greener grass isn’t cheap.

[h/t William Russell]