You’re Probably Pouring Your Milk Upside Down

alvarez/Royalty-free/iStock via Getty Images

Some purported “life hacks” are more trouble than they’re worth. Tricks like straightening ramen with a flat iron or making a beach cooler with a toilet seat are better suited for TikTok than real life. The best hacks require as little effort as possible. Take this video: If you want pouring milk or juice in the morning to be less messy, all you have to do is turn the carton 180°.

Taste of Home spotted this trick on the TikTok channel goldilocks.bears.x. It starts with a demonstration of how most people pour liquid from a carton—meaning you probably hold the container so that the side with the plastic spout is closest to the bowl, cup, or whatever vessel you're pouring the liquid into. This results in your O.J. or 2 percent glugging out in an awkward manner, possibly splattering your hands or kitchen countertop.

You can spare yourself the potential mess simply by tweaking how you hold the carton. If you flip it around so the opening is now on the upper side, your pour will be much smoother. The video below shows how this method produces a steady, splash-free stream even though the liquid now has a longer distance to fall.

The likelihood of your drink splashing on the way out has to do with the pressure inside the box. A full carton of juice or milk contains an air bubble at the top. The container starts with the same amount of pressure on the inside as the outside, but as liquid drains through the spout, that internal pressure gets lower. If you pour with the spout on the bottom side, air from outside will periodically “glug” into the into carton to equalize the pressure again.

Pouring liquid with the spout on the top side fixes this. It keeps the top half of the hole clear, so air can steadily flow in without creating an awkward hiccup. It may seem like a small change, but if you’ve ever had to change out of your juice-splattered clothes before heading to work, you know it can be a lifesaver. Here are more practical life hacks to try.

[h/t Taste of Home]