The World’s Most Expensive Tequila Will Set You Back $3.5 Million


A taste for fancy booze can get expensive fast. The world's priciest bottles of wine have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. At the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, the Diamonds Are Forever martini—which is garnished with an actual diamond—will set you back about $22,000. But those price tags can't compete with the world's most expensive bottle of tequila. According to Men's Gear, the Ley del Diamante has the highest estimated value of any tequila ever put on sale at $3.5 million.

The liquor, concocted by the Hacienda La Capilla distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, is the top of the line. The extra anejo (or aged) tequila sold under the Ley .925 label has been aged in a combination of 3-, 6-, and 9-year-old white oak barrels for 7 years.

The work that goes into making the spirit explains only part of the cost. The real value lies in the one-of-a-kind bottle, which is encrusted with 4100 white diamonds. The vessel itself is made from 4.4 pounds of platinum. Valued at 328.59 carats, the item's seven-figure price tag isn't hard to believe.

The masterpiece was designed and constructed by three ceramists, four diamond mounters, and 10 jewelers over the course of 10 months. Tequila fans who weren't able to afford the $3.5 million price were able to get a glimpse of the bottle when it toured cities around the world about a decade ago.

If you're less interested in the design of your liquor bottle than what's inside it, you can taste the same tequila in the Ley del Diamante without going into debt. A regular glass bottle of extra anejo Ley .925 costs less than $75 for 750 millimeters.