The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Each State for 2022

Witches remain a go-to costume.
Witches remain a go-to costume. / Esther Mareno Martinez/EyeEm via Getty Images

When it comes to Halloween, people seem pretty sharply divided between costumes of licensed characters from Star Wars or Marvel and the classics: witches, wolves, and vampires.

To find out what each state favors, AT&T service provider site All Home Connections tracked Google Trends to try to anticipate which costumes may prove to be the most popular this season. Here’s what they found:

A map of popular Halloween costumes by state is pictured
All Home Connections

As you can see, cat costumes appear to be a favorite, with 12 states searching for feline tips. Witches come in second, with 11 states, followed by vampires. When it comes to pop culture characters, Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s Toy Story and Encanto lead the way.

In terms of one-offs, Eleven from Stranger Things is a favorite in Maine, while Montana seems to have a thing for Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family fame, possibly as a result of the new Netflix series Wednesday. Wyoming is the lone state to have a preoccupation with ninjas.

Popular costumes from past years include Pennywise the clown from It in 2019 and the ever-present witch taking the top spot in 2020.

[h/t All Home Connections]